2013 Draft

Would You Draft Manti Te\’o In The Second Round? Sound Off Time

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te\’o now has his media session at the NFL combine behind him. Te\’o seemed to handle it all well and he didn\’t flinch at any question that was asked off him.

Sure, Te\’o, like all of the other draft hopefuls, rehearsed leading up to their interviews with the media and teams, but that\’s what these players do leading up to the biggest job interview of their life.

Now that most of story about Te\’o is out there, all he has left to do is get through his drills.

Now that you have had a chance to take in the whole process from the National Championship up until his Saturday interview with the media, would you, or would you not, draft him if he was there in the second round?

Chime in below in the comments and tell us why, or why not. Spare me the, “he won\’t fall that far” response. This is merely a hypothetical question designed to spark some good discussion.

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