Health Updates On Steelers LB Sean Spence Continue To Be Doom And Gloom

I recently wrote about how the health of Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Sean Spence holds the key to what might happen this offseason at the inside linebacker position. After tearing up his knee last preseason there really hasn\’t been anything concrete from the Steelers organization as to how his rehab is going and whether or not he will be ready for action by the time training camp rolls around.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has made more than one reference over the last few months to Spence possibly not being counted on by the team for the 2013 season and he made yet another reference to it Tuesday on Twitter.

Bouchette was asked by a follower on the social media platform if he thought that Spence has a chance to be ready by training camp. Bouchette answered the tweet by asking the follower, “What year?”

It is hard to imagine that Bouchette would keep eluding to Spence possibly not being ready to play next year or beyond if he hadn\’t heard that from somebody within the Steelers organization or very close to the situation. He likely can\’t be specific on the subject because he was asked not to. I can respect that and you should to.

Veteran inside linebacker Larry Foote, an unrestricted free agent this offseason, said Tuesday in an interview on 93.7 The Fan that his agent has already talked to the Steelers about re-signing and that the hold up right now is money. Fellow inside linebacker Stevenson Sylvester is a restricted free agent this offseason, and while not guaranteed, is expected to be tendered at the low original round level.

The Steelers might also address the inside linebacker position at some point during the upcoming 2013 NFL draft. If they do, and if both Foote and Sylvester are retained, that would be an even further indictment that Spence is not expected to contribute much, if any, in 2013.

General manager Kevin Colbert will be making the media rounds later this week at the NFL combine and the hope is that one of the members of the media puts him on the spot about Spence and his recovery. Even if they do there is no guarantee that Colbert will give a straight forward response as it could possibly tip the draft plans as far as a position of need that the team hopes to fill.

At this point we know about as much about the condition of Spence as we did since he went down injured. The doom and gloom constantly being pushed out Bouchette certainly can\’t have anyone feeling optimistic at this point. I know I certainly am not.

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