Steelers S Ryan Clark Reportedly Quit Twitter To Focus On His Rehab & Training

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark has deleted his Twitter account and his wife Yonka Clark says that he has done so in order to start focusing on his rehab and offseason training.

Focusing on rehab & training, Tweeted Yonka on Sunday, when asked why her husband deleted his Twitter account.

Clark has received some serious backlash from the Steeler fanbase over the last several weeks because he is openly rooting for the Baltimore Ravens, and more specifically linebacker Ray Lewis, to win the Super Bowl this coming Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. Lewis, as you well know by now, will be retiring after the game.

Clark, who had to decline an invitation last week to the Pro Bowl because of quad contusion suffered in the season finale against the Cleveland Browns, has also been critical of the remarks made about Lewis on Facebook by Anna Welker, the wife of New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker, after the Ravens beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. Clark tweeted that Mrs. Welker’s statement contained racism.

Anna has since offered up an apology for her remarks.

Clark has quit Twitter once before only to return, so I expect he will resurface again at some point. There is some crazy speculation floating around that he had been informed that he would be released, but that certainly does not appear to be the case. What Clark is doing right now is laying low.

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