No, The Steelers Will Not Trade For Darrelle Revis

By now you have probably read the report by Jason La Canfora of that states the New York Jets are looking to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis, who missed almost all of last season after suffering a torn ACL. If you are one of the people that think that the Pittsburgh Steelers will trade for Revis, you need to have your head checked.

Revis is set to earn a $3 million base salary in 2013 and is also scheduled to earn another $3 million in roster and workout bonuses in addition to that. That would make is 2013 cap hit $6 million. In case you have been hiding underneath a rock, and judging by a few crazy emails that I have received since that report surfaced many of you have been, the Steelers are already going to have a challenge to get cap compliant by the middle of March.

While Revis would likely be fine with playing back in his hometown for that amount in 2013 to prove that he has recovered from his injury, he most certainly would want another long-term deal in 2014, which most likely would be his final big cash grab of his career.

Many fans are still under the perception that the salary cap will increase significantly in 2014 because of the new television deal money kicking in, but in reality it is looking like it will remain flat again in 2014, according to John Clayton of, who projects a $121-plus million range as the 2014 cap number.

Don\’t forget that you still have to give up something to get Revis in addition. The Steelers can\’t afford to give up an early round draft pick this year, and giving up future year draft picks is just something that they don\’t make a habit of doing either.

Yes, Revis is a fantastic player that likely has a few more solid years left him, but the only way that he returns to Pittsburgh would be to visit with his family and take in a Panther game.

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