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2013 Senior Bowl – A Few Potential Steelers Prospects I Will Be Watching Closely On Saturday

The 2013 Senior Bowl is Saturday, and like the rest of you, I will have my eyes on several players that I think might could help the Pittsburgh Steelers. Below is a list of just a few players that I look forward to seeing with a very brief synopsis of each.

Feel free to add other names of players that you look forward to seeing play and what you are looking for out of each.

DE/OLB Ezekial Ansah – BYU

Is Ansah a 4-3 defensive end or an outside linebacker? He is really raw but can get after the quarterback. He still needs to learn how to set up tackles properly and also tends to get his pad level too high at times. I am curious to see how much he is asked to drop, if any and how he does holding the point of attack against the run.


WR Terrance Williams – Baylor

Excellent size and speed guy that is expected to shine in this game. He needs become a better hands catcher in my opinion as opposed to catching with his body so often. Not regarded as a receiver that is versed in the complete route tree. He needs polish, but there is a lot to work with tools wise.


RB Stepfan Taylor – Stanford

A high character kid that lacks elite elusiveness and a top gear. Runs good between the tackles and behind a fullback. He needs to keep his pad level down. He is regarded as a solid receiver out of the backfield and hopefully he gets to show that. Also has a reputation as a fairly reliable blocker.


LB Chase Thomas  – Stanford

Not very flashy but seems to be very well rounded. He can bull rush from the outside and also hold contain against the run. He should be all around the football, but needs to show more athleticism along with a better see-to-do response.


LB Khaseem Greene – Rutgers

He is always around the football, but needs to show better footwork as he tends to crossover his feet when moving laterally which hurts him when caught up in the wash. Concerns about his coverage skills need to be answered. A little stiff at times.


S Jonathan Cyprien – Florida International

Good size and instincts and is best used down in the box. Takes questionable angles when playing deep against the pass and is susceptible to play-action and being looked off. He can fill a lot of space, however. Must show that he is a reliable tackler and be able to fight through top notch talent. Small school kid with a lot to prove.


TE Vance McDonald – Rice

Can he sustain his reach blocks? I am interested to see him gain separation when used both on the line and detached in the slot. He has good hands with a good catch radius. Is he a complete tight end?


LB Nico Johnson – Alabama

Understands the 3-4 defensive scheme. Known as a run stopper that can fill gaps, but found himself on the sidelines on passing downs. Interested to see how he drops and if there is any future for him as a strong-side inside linebacker. He needs to have a good showing in order to hold his late round draft status. Expecting him to thump quite a bit and stack and shed with ease against the run.


South 47 Ansah, Ezekial Brigham Young DL 6052 274 10 34 5/8 82 1/4
South 35 Johnson, Nico Alabama LB 6017 249 9 1/4 32 7/8 77 1/4
South 88 McDonald, Vance Rice TE 6041 262 10 34 1/2 81 5/8
South 33 Taylor, Stepfan Stanford RB 5090 216 8 3/8 29 5/8 72 3/4
South 44 Thomas, Chase Stanford LB 6031 241 9 1/2 31 3/8 75 5/8
South 2 Williams, Terrance Baylor WR 6017 201 8 3/4 30 5/8 74 1/8
North 37 Cyprien, Jonathan Florida International DB 6002 209 10 1/8 30 1/2 76 5/8
North 20 Greene, Khaseem Rutgers LB 6004 236 9 1/2 31 7/8 77 1/2
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