AFC Playoff Scenarios – Week 16

There are currently four teams left in the AFC that are fighting for playoff spots and three that are fighting for a division crown as we head into Week 16 of the 2012 NFL season. Below are the playoff scenarios for the AFC.

Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens are already in the playoffs and they can clinch the AFC North with a win on Sunday over the New York Giants. Should they lose, they would have to beat the Cincinnati Bengals next week if they want to win the division.

Indianapolis Colts – The Colts can clinch a Wild Card spot with a win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday or by the Bengals beating or tying the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals can clinch a playoff berth by beating the Steelers and they still have a shot at winning the AFC North if they win next week against the Ravens if they should lose or tie the Giants on Sunday.

Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers can\’t clinch a playoff birth on Sunday, but a loss to the Bengals on Sunday will eliminate them from playoff contention. They still can win the AFC North out-right with wins over the Bengals and the Cleveland Browns combined with two Ravens losses against the Giants and the Bengals.

Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins can\’t clinch a playoff birth on Sunday and they need a lot of help over the course of the next two weeks to secure the final Wild Card spot in the AFC. For that to happen they need to beat the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots first. The Steelers must beat the Bengals on Sunday but lose to the Browns next week, and the Bengals must then lose to the Ravens next week in addition. The New York Jets also must lose at least one of their two remaining games.

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