Steelers Offense Never Had Any Short Fields To Work With Against Ravens

Prior to the game Sunday night I wrote about how the Pittsburgh Steelers offense would need a few short fields to work with in order to beat the Baltimore Ravens. Those short fields never materialized.

Whether it be by turnover or by return, the offense was going to need help as I knew it would be asking too much to continually to expect quarterback Byron Leftwich to drive long fields in his first start since 2009.

Although the Steelers defense played lights out, they weren\’t able to force any turnovers and the punt and kick returns were non existent as well.

The Steelers possessed the ball 13 times in the game and their best starting field position on any of those possessions was their own 31 yard-line. That was even a gift as it was a result of a missed field goal attempt by the Ravens.

8 of the Steelers possessions started on our inside their own 20 yard-line as Ravens punter Sam Koch did a masterful job.

In my opinion this was the key hidden battle in game and a battle that the Ravens clearly won.

Steelers Drive Chart Ravens

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