Crampgate 2012: Emmanuel Sanders Not Sure If Reprimand Is Coming

Aditi Kinkhabwal of the NFL Network reports Wednesday on Twitter that Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders said that he has already met with someone from NFL about the questioned cramp that he suffered in the game against the Cincinatti Bengals a few weeks ago, but doesn\’t know when, or if, he will be reprimanded for it.

Sanders received a visit last Friday from Merton Hanks and Ray Anderson, who wanted to talk to Sanders about the incident. Sanders would not elaborate at that time about the meeting.

The receiver is accused of faking a cramp during the Week 7 game against the Bengals on Sunday Night Football. Prior to Sanders dropping to the ground the Steelers were in danger of running out of time on the play clock as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had gotten up slowly on the preceding play. Sanders was helped off of the field favoring one leg, but was back one play later to down a pooch punt by Roethlisberger on the ensuing fourth down.

Despite how it looked, it is not like the league can prove that Sanders didn\’t have a cramp. Unless he admitted to faking it to the league officials, I doubt he will receive anything more than a verbal warning. Of course the league looked like they tried to discipline the Steelers on their own in the Sunday game against the New York Giants. There were so many questionable calls in that game that I think things are more than square by now. Don\’t you?

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