Bruce Arians Wants Maurkice Pouncey To Know That His Twin Brother Is Better Than Him

Pittsburgh Steelers former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians wants center Maurkice Pouncey to know that he thinks his twin brother Mike Pouncey is a better center than he is.

“I think they have a great young offensive line,” Arians said Wednesday, when asked during his conference call about the challenges that the Miami Dolphins offense presents his team this coming Sunday. “When you’ve got Jake Long and (Mike) Pouncey – I think Mike’s better than Maurkice and make sure you tell Maurkice I said that. I’m sure Mike will.”

Before everyone starts hitting the ceiling, Arians, who is currently serving as the interim head coach for the Indianapolis Colts, really made the comment about Maurkice jokingly as you can tell by his tone in the audio of the conference call below.

Arians was obviously just trying to stroke the ego of Mike headed into the game Sunday, while having a little fun at the expense of Maurkice in the process.

Maurkice reportedly was told about the comments that Arians made Thursday after practice and laughed about it.

“I don’t mind it at all,” Maurkice said. “I am actually happy for Mike. Let him get all of the publicity in the world. If that is my mark, it’s in my family, I am down with it. He can be the best.”

All that being said, Pro Football Focus currently has Mike graded as the best center in the league right now through week 8 of the season. Last year, Mike\’s rookie season, the two finished neck and neck according to the site.

Maurkice does have two Pro Bowl nominations to his credit in his first two years in the league, so there is that, but Mike certainly could wind out beating his brother out of a third straight Pro Bowl honor this season.

The biggest thing that Maurkice needs to worry about right now is staying on the field and the rest will take care of itself. Sure, Arians seems to have been joking, but Mike certainly is playing some good football so far this season.

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