Troy Polamalu Voted NFL\’s Most Liked Player In Recent Poll Of Fans

It should come as no surprise that Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is the NFL\’s most like player according to a recent fan survey.

According to Forbes Magazine, Nielsen recently worked with E-Poll Market Research to conduct a survey with the goal being to find out which NFL players the fans like and don\’t like. Players’ appeal numbers were reportedly scored based on the percentage of those whose response was to “like” the player or “like him a lot.”

Polamalu finished number one overall with a 63% appeal rating and just ahead of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who finished with a 63% appeal rating.

Polamalu, like Brees, stays far away from controversy, is very soft spoken, and is very recognizable. Those traits always resonate with fans. Oh, both are pretty good at football too.

You could probably show a picture of both players to quite a few people that do not follow the game closely, or at all for that matter, and they likely would be able to identify at least one of the two by name. That\’s how brand-able each have become over the years.

Polamalu has been the spokesman for Head and Shoulders for some time now and it is hard not to catch him in a commercial at least twice a week.

Packers cornerback Charles Woodson (62% appeal), Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (59% appeal), and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (58% appeal) round out the top 5.

Who were the most disliked players? Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (19% appeal), Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (21% appeal), Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (23% appeal), 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss (24% appeal), and Raiders quarterback Matt Leinart (26% appeal).

There is no word as to why Steelers linebacker James Harrison did not make that list. He is going to be very upset about that.

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