Man Arrested For Trying To Blackmail Hines Ward

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that a 26 year-old man was arrested on Thursday and charged with trying to blackmail former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward after the man thought Ward was involved with his girlfriend.

The man reportedly had made a demand to Ward’s personal assistant, Raymond Burgess Jr., on Wednesday, saying that if Ward didn\’t pay him $15,000, he would release a document that he had that reportedly showed Ward had paid women for sex.

According the paper, local law enforcement provided Burgess with the money to set up a sting and the accused was arrested after the deal went down on Thursday.

This is a pretty weird story for sure and you have to wonder if the media will dig into this deeper to see what that supposed document contained, if anything. We all know how stuff like that works.

Ward currently works as an analyst for NBC\’s “Football Night in America” following his retirement from the Steelers this past offseason and he will just so happen to be covering the Steelers game Sunday night against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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