Mike Wallace Says He Already Knows The Playbook For The Most Part

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison was the first player to grab and interview with wide receiver Mike Wallace just after his arrival today to the team facility.

Harrison first asked Wallace how it feels to be back. “It feels great, man,” said Wallace. “Back with my brothers and my teammates. You know, one goal and one goal only, trying to get like you – we\’re out here trying to win a Super Bowl. Just trying to do my part, that\’s all.”

Harrison next asked Wallace if he was going to have any problems catching up with the offense. “You know me, I\’m a work hard guy, replied Wallace. “I\’ve been on my plays and doing all that, so there\’s not going to be no slow stuff. I\’m already ready and I know the playbook in and out for the most part.”

Wallace will meet the media for a press conference later today to answer some questions from the media following practice. Due to the 3 day acclimation period in the new CBA, Wallace will not be allowed to practice today.

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