2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp – Tuesday – Day 14 Updates

The Pittsburgh Steelers are back at again on Tuesday after having Monday off as they prepare to take on the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday in their first preseason game of the 2012 season. This post will serve as your daily updates and news from all of the media on Tuesday, so please check back and refresh often.

Mike Tomlin met the media Tuesday prior to the afternoon practice to announce that both David DeCastro and Mike Adams will start Thursday night in Philadelphia. Willie Colon (ankle) and Cameron Heyward (back?) were both ruled out for the game. Tomlin also said that the starters will only get two series, but that some of the young linemen could get more playing time. Quarterback Jerrod Johnson will also get an extended look Thursday night in the second half of the game.

VIDEO: Mike Tomlin Press Conference – 8/7

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert: Plaxico Not Necessarily On Pittsburgh’s Radar

Steelers QB Roethlisberger Speaks Out On Wallace, Haley & Plaxico

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Steelers GM Kevin Colbert all but guarantees Rashard Mendenhall will start the season on the PUP List

@gerrydulac – Heyward got hit in the back during scrimmage Friday night at Latrobe Stadium.

@BuzzSawPGH – Heath Miller: New offense “doesn\’t seem new anymore. When we came to camp, it seemed like we hit the ground running, so that\’s a good thing”

Colbert dumps cold water on #PlaxWatch … for now

@MarkKaboly_Trib “Me and Adams are probably at same level because we kind of went to same college DeCastro was at a higher educational level than us”-Pouncey

@Silber_Bullet Ben back at practice, leading the troops in calisthenics. #Steelers

@Silber_Bullet Baron Batch sighting, catches a swing pass from Jerrod Johnson.

@DLolleyOR Woodley practicing for second straight time. Looks like he will play against Eagles. #steelers

@Silber_Bullet Two drops for #14 WR Jimmy Young already. Must be the Limas jinx.

@Silber_Bullet Coach Tomlin gives @Wes_Saunders88 a shout out for good work on the tacking dummy.

@Silber_Bullet Pope shows soft hands on a 20 yard slant from Lefty.

@Silber_Bullet This just in: David Johnson is strong.

@Silber_Bullet E Sanders with a nice underneath catch in coverage. Nice back shoulder pass completion from Ben to AB. Lewis on coverage.

@Silber_Bullet Lefty with all day hits Cotchery across the middle for 20 yards and then hits him underneath Sly on the next play. Dwyer with a beautiful catch and run.

@hammerspeaks Jerrod Johnson hit Beiler for 50 plus. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks First team O and D. Cortez Allen on the field. Not sure Lewis\’ status. #Steelers

@MarkKaboly_Trib After getting beat badly twice Keenan Lewis leaves practice and has ice on his shoulder.

@hammerspeaks McLendon good off the ball again. Beats his man. Sack. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks First team D stuffs third team O twice. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks Special teams work. Drew Butler shanks first punt for 27 yds. #Steelers

@BuzzSawPGH Al Woods getting extra snaps at DE in practice. Cortez Allen with first team at CB.

@Silber_Bullet Taking punts: Rainey, Maze, ABrown, Sanders, & Gilreath.

@hammerspeaks About 58 yds for Butler\’s next punt. Solid since #1. Next one 45 but with more hang time. Just hung another. Looking good. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks Sanders, Rainey, Brown back catching punts, but will be Rainey & Maze in Philly.

@Silber_bullet Rainey takes a punt off the facemask.

@hammerspeaks Fumble! Rainey has punt clang off his face mask w 10 men coming for the first time. #notgood #Steelers

@hammerspeaks Now working on pooch punts. #Steelers Bad first effort by Butler. #Steelers

@Silber_Bullet Best guy covering punts: Cortez Allen

@hammerspeaks Second pooch dead into corner. He drops it point straight down. #Steelers

@MarkKaboly_Trib Two minutes drill killed with drops by jimmy young and maze

@Jimwexell In 2 min drill, McLendon head up over DeCastro every play, and was blocked every play.

@hammerspeaks 3rd team D & O. Johnson to Gilreath and Paulson. Juggling. 1st down. #Steelers

@Silber_Bullet Gilreath with a great 1st down catch in traffic. #Wisconsin

@MikeBires Three pup guys plus colon working out on their own …pushing mini utility truck … starks,mendenhall and worilds

@BuzzsawPGH Tyler Beiler has had a good day. Musta heard Tomlin\’s message about WRs beyond Big 3 being “inconsistent.”

@gigs412 Tyler Beiler the undrafted guy from a D3 school making a few nice catches in #Steelers team drills this afternoon

@MikeBires No sign of punter jeremy kapinos who\’s been out with sore back

@MarkKaboly_Trib Jerrod Johnson leads two minute drill to 11 yard line. Td to Clemons in fourth Down

@Silber_Bullet Tony Clemons with a beautiful 4th down TD catch in traffic, Frederick hanging on him.

@gigs412 Toney Clemons climbs the ladder for a TD catch in back of endzone on bullet pass from QB Jerrod Johnson in #Steelers 2 minute drill. #wpial

@BuzzSawPGH David Johnson, Cortez Allen among those covering kicks interesting. John Clay is on kick return team blocking

@Silber_Bullet Big Ben in for his turn to run the offense & immediately his Sanders, a pretty one handed grab.

@hammerspeaks Great one-handed catch by Sanders in 7v7. Another by AB. Both from Ben. #Steelers

@Silber_Bullet Ben starts 5-5 in skeleton drill: Sanders, Sanders, Brown, Brown, Pope.

@Silber_bullet Leftwich is a great practice QB, throwing bebes all over the field.

@hammerspeaks 2min. 1st v 1st. First pass comp. to AB. 5 yds. Dwyer carry on 2nd. #Steelers Keisel stuffs Rainey in backfield on third. Ivy in at ILB. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks Batch not getting any reps today from what I can see. Don\’t expect him to play Thursday based on this. #Steelers

@DVEMike Chris Rainey gets the rookie treatment on Tue and hauls a couple of extra sets of shoulder pads off the field @dveradio

@DVEMike Jerrod Johnson 6 of 10 for 54 yards plus 4-yard scramble in 2-min. Great grabs by WRs Tyler Beiler (17) and Toney Clemons (leaping 12-yd TD)

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