2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp – Thursday – Day 9 Updates

Thursday is here and that means day nine of Pittsburgh Steelers training camp is underway. As we do everyday during training camp, we will be posting all updates from the media in one easy to follow post. Just keep refreshing all throughout the day for all of the news, notes and nuggets from practice. Later in the day we will recap the day and are also scheduled to have Ken Laird from Trib Live Radio to talk about what he observed not only on Thursday, but the entire training camp.

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Not practicing for #steelers today are Woodley Clark Clay A.Brown.

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Guess AB is practicing.

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Ryan Clark practicing as well.

@BobLabriola – My opinion: It\’s gonna take a teammate, a leader, to intervene and end the impasse with Mike Wallace. Like Bettis did with Hines in \’05.

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Replacement refs invade Latrobe

@hammerspeaks – Tomlin watching TEs on LBs. DJ looks good. Paulson & Ivy split two. Mike calls for rubber match. Standoff. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks – McCoy handles B Johnson. BJ has not impressed so far. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks – Carter works Pope twice. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks – Tomlin seems to like Paulson who just got beat by Hicks. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks – W Johnson handles A Robinson first time. Rob wins round 2. #Steelers

@Ken_Laird – Ryan Clark yells at fans at #Steelers camp for cheering the offense too much “this is not a one sided game”

@Sn0wBallz – Toney Clemons and J Stewart both missed their catches during a long ball drill.

@Ken_Laird – First I\’ve heard Todd Haley rip someone. Toney Clemons drops a deep ball in WR v DB “if you can\’t catch that…

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Nice one on one breakup by curtis brown on j Stewart.

@Ken_Laird – Replacement refs here. Finally threw a flag after 15 min. Ike the guilty party

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Tomlin praises Adrian Robinson for whipping DJ three times during te LB drills.

@Ken_Laird – Woodley out for a 3rd straight day. So much for the veterans day off excuse. He looks OK tho, no limp

@hammerspeaks – Rainey has been getting a lot of carries in camp. #Steelers

@Ken_Laird – 2 minute drill

@hammerspeaks – Ben pumps & AB beats Brown bad but Ben misses him for TD. ##Steelers

@hammerspeaks – 88 drops play 3. Most surprising thing I\’ve seen. Ben bad read play 4. Not sharp this set. New personnel comes in. #Steelers

@EdBouchette – Scab refs at #steelers practice today. Wont let them talk to media

@hammerspeaks – New set of plays. Empty backfield. Red man slot, Paulson TE. Ben overthrows 88. Next play hits 84 on bad throw. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks – Better. Ben hits AB to the 1. Real refs here at practice. 1st team stayed in whole drive. Now 2nd team. #Steelers

@Ken_Laird – 1st tm Offense runs out of time at 2yd line as Antonio doesn\’t get out of bounds. Sanders also a key drop on sequence

@hammerspeaks – That first drive was 1st O against 2nd D. Now reversed. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks – Ike lays out D Williams on bad pass from 4 #Steelers

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Tomlin snaps at replacement refs for blowing whistle during kickoff drills.

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Mclendon swims around pouncey. Then bulls him. Corbin beats Ramon.

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Cam Heyward plants Beachum on his behind during linemen drills.

@Ken_Laird – Alameda Ta\’Amu yelled at by coach Mitchell and Keisel “c\’mon Meda get physical” next rep Ta\’Amu explodes into OL on 2man drill

@Ken_Laird – Today\’s unknown DLman to beat Decastro soundly in 1 on 1: Mike Blanc

@Ken_Laird – Now hurry up team drill 1:06 with 2 timeouts need TD to win from 50 yd line

@hammerspeaks – 1st team O v 1st team D. 2 min. Inc to 33 on first. Swing to 33 on 2nd. AB TD on great throw from Ben on 3rd. 45 yes approx. #Steelers

@ken_Laird – 36 yd touchdown pass from Ben to AB Leftwich to Clemens went for 48 and TD. Practice over.

@hammerspeaks – Second units. Pick by Cortez Allen. Nice play. Practice over. #Steelers

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Poor tweeting by me. Too hot I guess. Cortez Allen picks Leftwich to end practice. No touchdown

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