2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp – Friday Night Lights – Day 10 Updates

It\’s Friday and tonight is the annual Friday Night Lights practice for the Pittsburgh Steelers at Latrobe Memorial Stadium and we will post all the updates from the media, fans in attendance and Sirius XM NFL Movin the Chains broadcast. Please refresh this page often for all of the news, reports and updates.

@MarkKabolt_Trib – Large crowd here at Latrobe Memorial Stadium.

@gigs412 – Fast Willie Parker at #steelers practice

@gigs412 – Casey Hampton & Dick Hoak talk shop at #steelers practice

@gigs412 – Fast Willie Parker at #steelers practice

@steelers – The horn has sounded and the pads are on! Practice is about to start!

@MarkKaboly_Trib – Peezy

@gigs412 – Rooney Tomlin Colbert Porter Parker Smith & Smith @ #steelers night practice

@MarkKaboly_Trib – The whole gang

@corpboy_tellem – Ben and AB playing catch

@corpboy_tellem – Clay not in pads but playing catch with Dwyer who seems to be in a lot better shape

@gigs412 – Fast Willie and Deebo catch up at #steelers practice

@RealJustinRizzo – Juamorris Stewart #87 drops a ball right in his hands. #Steelers

@gigs412 – Willie Parker & Rashard Mendenhall talk on the left at #steelers practice

@RealJustinRizzo – Jerrod Johnson just hit marquis maze beautiful pass #Steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Emmanuel sanders, woodley, John clay, mendenhall not practicing #Steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Couple of drops on bad passes cotchery (bens ball) Stewart again (left ball) #Steelers

@Sn0wBallz – Backs on backers now and QBs trying to throw the ball into trashcans stacked on the sideline. Ben just hit one.

@corpboy_tellem – Rainey fielding punts now

@Sn0wBallz – I\’ve been here a lot and never seen the trash can thing. Im gonna guess it\’s a Todd Haley thing. batch makes one. #steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Drew butler kicking some punts now look to be about 45 yards some a bit less some a bit more #Steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Keisel not practicing either #Steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Jump ball from leftwich about 35 yards to jimmy young played perfectly and defended by Cortez Allen #Steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Derrick Williams just blew by Curtis brown #Steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Tyler beiler just blew by will Allen #Steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Nice catch and turn by Rainey from batch #Steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Jimmy young goes down awkwardly, gets up appears to be okay. #Steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Derrick Williams blows by Andre freeman slippery rock defensive back for a td in one-on-one play loud cheers from the crowd #Steelers

@dlolleyor – Backs on backers highlights Latrobe high practice. David Johnson has a big night. Barron Batch also showed some nasty. #steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – We are live now first play a few yards for Redman, second play dwyer gets stopped in backfield by Chris carter and Brandon Johnson #Steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Baron gets a carry, 3 plays 3 runs #Steelers

@RealJustinRizzo -Fourth play run up the middle by Rainey shows a nice little burst for fiveish yards stopped by Sean spence #Steelers

@EdBouchette- Ben was throwing early but Leftwich takes 1st team in11 on 11 as Ben watches w/o helmet. #steelers nite practice

@RealJustinRizzo -Leonard pope with a run from fullback position #Steelers

@DlolleyOr – Roethlisberger sitting out tonite. Was throwing early. #steelers

@EdBouchette – Willie Colon just punched Cam Heyward in the helmet. Hard. You can break your hand that way. Havent seen 1 of those in awhile. #steelers

@RealJustinRizzo – Run defense was impressive as always, as well. #Steelers

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