Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Plays Yahoo Exec At A Strip Club In Girlfriend Audition Video

Move over Rex Ryan, you now have competition for the Oscar and it\’s New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

A video has surfaced on Youtube of Kraft helping out girlfriend, gold digger, gal pal, Ricki Noel Lander in her latest audition video for the movie The Internship, which apparently will star Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. The video is rumored to have been anonymously leaked to the website Barstool Sports.

I must warn that the video is very hard to watch and includes bad language and Lander wearing a bikini. Kraft plays a Yahoo executive that is looking for the full attention of Lander, who is playing a stripper at a strip club it appears. It ends with the character of Kraft fake punching another strip club patron trying to get a lap dance. I bet that guy is happy that he got roped into this audition now.

Outside of Kraft playing a Yahoo exec, another funny thing that the video reveals is that it appears to have been shot in the media room of Gillette Stadium, as you can see the blue backdrop at the end of the video that has the NFL shield on it. Kraft wouldn\’t disrespect the shield, would he? The only way this would be even funnier is if Bill Belichick or Tom Brady played the person that Kraft punches.

I can\’t wait to hear the fall out from this and I am sure that the new slogan for Patriots fans this season will be, “Nut up, or move on.”

Think Roger Goodell will have this tape destroyed too? Stay classy Patriots!

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