2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp – Day 4 Updates

Today is day 4 of training camp for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and as we will do everyday, we will be posting reports that come in during the day via the media on both Twitter and the internet. We will recap the entire day in a recap post later this evening. Please check back often as this page will be updated with news and information from practice throughout the afternoon.

Antonio Brown, Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert all met the media this morning to discuss the new 5 year, $42.5 million contract that Brown received Friday. Colbert refused to discuss the situation with Mike Wallace.

Brown has plenty of reasons to smile

@BobLabriola – 1st day in pads. Competitive period will be TEs vs. LBs.

@hammerspeaks – Pads on, helmets off. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks – Mike Adams #76, big man. #Steelers

Troy not picking a front-runner at CB

Harrison hopes he isn’t out for long

@hammerspeaks – Chris Rainey & Marquis Maze handle kick return duties. Jon Dwyer & Baron Batch alternate as offst up-man. #Steelers

@DVEMike – It\’s Saturday afternoon and the pads are on at St. Vincent @dveradio

@jimwexell – Backs on backers scheduled for 4 pm today, field 1. “OK 22, time to die!”

@hammerspeaks – LB Brandon Johnson getting taped. #Steelers

@steelers – Casey Hampton: We have to stay healthy. We always have depth because we build within our team. We don’t bring a lot of guys in.

@steelers – Hampton: I think we have a nucleus of young guys that are really good. Everybody doesn’t know that yet because they haven’t played.

@Ken_Laird – #Steelers have shoulder pads on today, but Chris “Rainman” Rainey only player with thigh pads in

@DVEMike – Chris Rainey warms up for Backs-on-\’Backers by attacking “Big Bertha” @dveradio

@hammerspeaks – RBs pounding the sled. Two FBs trying to move it back as far as possible, others spinning off. #Steelers

@DVEMike – A little sled work is also necessary to prep for the “violent collisions” RBs coach Kirby Wilson demands @dveradio

@hammerspeaks – Kevin Colbert & Joe Greene. Greene is on the right in white. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks – Redman with a great job on Timmons spin move. Wes Saunders really solid. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks – Baron Barch just whiffed. #Steelers

@hammerspeaks – Chris Rainey not involved in backs on backers.

@Ken_Laird – Backs on backers drill over. David Johnson and Will Johnson both impressive in pass pro. Foote was getting verbally abused by Tomlin

@hammerspeaks – Willie Colon gets in the first scrap of practice. #Steelers

@Ken_Laird – Redman v Timmons highest profile match early. Tomlin “Law Dawg got you, Red, let me know when you want a rematch” 33 better 2nd time

@EdBouchette – #steelers first padded 11 on 11 & all theyre doing is running the ball. Looks live. Todd Haley making a statement

@Ken_Laird – Rainey draws oohs and aahs in 11 on 11 run drills w his shifty moves. Took a lick and stayed up on one carry

@Ken_Laird – Baron Batch owned that drill last camp, not so impressive today yet. Rainey was held out of drill for some reason

@MikeBires – Highlight of practice was LG Willie Colon\’s nasty hit on LB Lawrence Timmons in team drills that had several players ready to mix it up.

@Ken_Laird – Tomlin held Rainey out of pass pro drill bc cut blocking is not allowed “I\’m not going to pull my boat w a Ferrari” #Steelers

@MikeBires – In the first camp practice in pads, the Steelers got in a lot of good work … it was a bit sloppy at times, but it was intense

@Ken_Laird – Tomlin\’s update on Wallace situation: “None”

@Ken_Laird – Spence has shoulder injury, thus was held out of backs on backers today

@MikeBires – Tight end Heath Miller didn\’t practice again due to an ankle injury

@hokiebro76 – After watching Oline vs. Dline one on ones. Gotta give the win today to my young Dlineman over the young Olineman!

Hampton vows Steelers aren\’t done yet

Mike Tomlin Press Conference 7/28

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