Latest Ziggy Hood Training Video Should Get You Pumped For Training Camp

If you have been following along here all spring and summer you certainly are well aware of the hard work that Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Ziggy Hood is putting in this off-season. Hood has undergone a tremendous transformation working out at Outer Limits Sports Performance under the watchful eye of trainer Bill Nichol. The last report that we got from Nichol was that Hood had dropped his body fat from 24% down to 18% and that he had turned 18 pounds of fat into 20 pounds of muscle. That was after just phase 1.

We had Bill on the podcast shortly after a few of the training videos of Hood emerged on Youtube and I highly encourage you to listen to that interview as Bill really goes into detail about the kind of training that he is putting Ziggy through this off-season.

This morning Bill sent me an email with a link to the latest video of Hood training and if this nearly 5 minute training highlight video does not get you pumped about training camp being less than one month away, I don\’t know what will. I for one can\’t wait to see how this translates onto the field for Hood.

Special thanks to Bill for passing this along to us this morning and please make sure you follow him on Twitter at @OuterLim.

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