Sapp Says Taylor Played Worst Game In NFL History, Doesn\’t Know Who Foote Is

On Tuesday, Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor and linebacker Larry Foote both responded to the recent claim by NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp that the 2012 Steelers will be lucky to finish over .500 after the loss of key veterans this off-season. Taylor was quoted on his weekly show on Trib Live Radio as saying in regard to Sapp, “He has other issues. I don’t even want to talk about his other issues,” referring to Sapp recently filing for bankruptcy. “Man, he is worrying about the wrong thing right now. People are coming knocking at his door.”

Taylor wasn\’t the only one to go after Sapp, as Foote, who was a guest on the show Tuesday, shed some light on why Sapp has a long time beef with the Steelers organization as he recounted the Monday night game in 2002 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in which fellow linebackers at the time, Joey Porter and Jason Gildon, both snatched Sapp and his teammate Nate Webster by the throats after the two attempted to dance through and interrupt their stretching line. Foote said during the show, “He (Sapp) came out there hopping like a little girl.” Later after telling the story, Foote added, “If he disagreed with what I said, have him call in. I am sure we have footage.”

I asked Sapp for a rebuttal today on Twitter and he gave me one. His tweet read, “Ike Taylor Played the worst# game in NFL History as a DB #BiggerIssues Who\’s The Other Guy!? #NeedPhoto&Bio.” So Sapp clearly took a shot at Taylor and the poor game he had against the Denver Broncos in the AFC Wild Card game last season. Worst game in NFL history though? I doubt that seriously and Taylor has already admitted that he has put that game behind him now and that it was not his best. The “other guy comment” that Sapp made is clearly a shot by Sapp implied that he doesn\’t even know who Foote is, which you know he clearly does.

So now we shall see if Sapp is questioned about this tonight on NFL Total Access, as the story is surely one the show can\’t ignore. Should they ignore it, it will surely show their bias towards Sapp, as to not touch the whole bankruptcy issue. You can make sure that I will be watching close tonight and if Sapp is on, it better be brought up.

UPDATE: Sapp was not part of the NFLTA show Wednesday night, so we have to wait until he is on again and if the subject is avoided, which I am willing to bet it will be.

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