All-22 View Now Available In 2012 Game Rewind Plus Package

I could barely contain my excitement this afternoon when I received the email from stating that the 2012 Game Rewind Plus Package will include the All-22 view of every single play. This is the holy grail to people like me that thoroughly enjoy going inside the X\’s and O\’s of games.

Last year the package included the coaches tape for select plays only, and while it was certainly a welcome sight, it merely wet appetites for what the future would hold.

If you have followed this site from some time now, you know all about our film breakdown of plays, participation reports, offensive line breakdowns and extensive game charting that we do. The all-22 view now will make these jobs even easier for myself and my contributors.

The 2012 plus package, which you can now purchase, cost only $59.99 and includes the entire 2012 regular season as well as the play-offs. The subscription comes with access through July 31st of 2013 in addition. If you love film study, you really need to consider buying this package now before the possibility of a price increase takes place.

Happy Friday indeed.

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