2012 Draft

Steelers Sign 4th Round Draft Pick Alameda Ta\’amu

The Pittsburgh Steelers have their first member of the 2012 draft class under contract now as fourth round pick Alameda Ta\’amu has signed his four year contract. All draft picks must sign four year deals according to the new CBA. Prior to the new CBA being reached last year, the Steelers had previously made a habit of signing players drafted from the third round and on to three year deals.

With nine draft picks in 2012, the Steelers were assigned A $5.13 million 2012 rookie pool number to get all of their rookies signed within. The total value of the contracts for the rookies can\’t exceed $28.25 million.

The total value of the four-year deal for Ta\’amu is expected to be about $2.55 million and the base salaries being $390,000, $480,000, $570,000 & $660,000. The Steelers still have eight remaining picks to sign and that should not take long thanks to the slotting of contracts.

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