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Reader Homework: Keith Butler Talks Linebackers & You Listen

I could listen to Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau talk football for hours, but a close second to him is linebackers coach Keith Butler. I was going back through some post draft interviews tonight of Butler after the draft selections of Jason Worilds, Stevenson Sylvester and Chris Carter to refresh my memory on what he said on each and if I could pick up any clues as it might relate to the draft this year. Yes, I have way too much time on my hands, but it keeps my mind occupied and helps with my OCD battles.

Below are the three videos I want you to watch and I want your thoughts on anything that you pick up from them. Tell me what you hear in addition that may play into the 2012 draft. It is always fun to go back in time and hear what was said about draft picks a few years down the line.

So get busy with your homework and let me know what is running through your head after listening to all of these again. There is no wrong answer here.

Butler on Jason Worilds
[flv:http://prod.video.steelers.clubs.nfl.com/PIT/video/news_conference/042310_keith_butler_presser.flv 550 334]

Butler on Sylvester
[flv:http://prod.video.steelers.clubs.nfl.com/PIT/video/news_conference/042410_keith_butler_presser3.flv 550 334]

Butler on Carter
[flv:http://prod.video.steelers.clubs.nfl.com/PIT/video/news_conference/043011_nfl_draft_butler.flv 550 334]

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