Ike Taylor Attempting To Get Ambassador Rooney & Art Rooney II To Join Twitter

Happy Friday everyone. Time to post something a little on the lighter side as we head off into the final weekend before the draft.

The ever entertaining Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor is at again today as he is attempting to get Art Rooney II to join Twitter. Taylor posted in a tweet today, “Bout to see if I can start MR. ART ROONEY a TWITTA page Might need y\’all HELP NO foe an answer is not an OPTION WORD”. Does it get any better than that? Taylor was asked about the possibilities of getting Ambassador Dan Rooney on Twitter as well and his reply was, “OH THAT WANT BE A PROBLEM”

Taylor has never been shy to talk about his admiration and love for the Ireland Ambassador to the United States and the Rooney family. He often refers to the Ambassador as Papa Rooney and claims to have his number even listed that way in his cell phone. Rooney also seems to have a special soft spot for Taylor in addition, and he recently came on the “Ike Taylor Show”, that can be heard on Trib Live Radio, early in April for an interview.

The Steelers brass is at times criticized for their lack of availability to the fan base over the years, but I do not see it that way. I see it more as business as usual and Rooney II makes several public appearances throughout the year, especially when there is a charity involved. It would be quite interesting though if both did take to Twitter on occasion though, even if it was infrequent. Fans love to feel like they have some level of connection in the new age of social media, and hearing direct information or updates, whatever it might be, from the Steelers esteemed leaders themselves every now and again would be fun to see.

Will Taylor be successful in his mission to get both socially networked? It is hard to say, but if anyone can do it, Taylor can. Imagine the possibilities of the new Rooney Twitter handles. How about SwagginAR2 & SwagginPapaRooney? I think it could pretty much cripple Twitter for a day if that happened.

One last little nugget from Taylor today as well in regards to the new 1934 throwback uniforms that were unveiled earlier this week. Taylor tweeted on Friday, “Steeler nation just like the THROWBACK unis BUMBLE BEES they be stinging y\’all better stop playing wit them It\’s FRIDAY have a great WEEKN”

I am pretty sure Taylor was made for Twitter, or perhaps it is the other way around. Good luck with your mission Ike!

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