2012 Draft

2012 NFL Draft – Pittsburgh Steelers First Round Draft Pick Poll

We have less than one week to go now until the 2012 NFL draft and now is the time to take the pulse of the readers as to who you think the Pittsburgh Steelers will draft in the first round with the 24th pick.

I have included as choices several players that have some legitimate potential to be on the board when the Steelers pick and are commonly linked as a potential selection. Quarterbacks have been excluded from the poll and several of the top players not expected to be on the board as well. If you think a player like David DeCastro, Michael Brockers or others not included in the poll will drop, you can vote for them in the “Other” selection, but I ask you back up your vote, or any vote for that matter, in the comments section below. Make your case for your pick, but be respectful to each others comments. I am not putting up with attacks. Go elsewhere to do that. Make your voice heard and move on and read the other comments.

For this poll trading up and down is not an option. I want the pulse of the pick should the Steelers stay put. The poll automatically closes after 400 votes so this may go quick. Please do not vote twice unless you just want to be an asshole. The poll choices will randomly rotate to each voter in addition.


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