Ryan Clark Says Roger Goodell Has Not Been Successful At Putting Flags On Players Yet

Pittsburgh Steelers free safety Ryan Clark was present at his Alma mater LSU on Thursday for their annual pro day to show support for the players taking part in it.

Clark managed to give a couple of interviews, as you would expect, and one of those was with 104.5 ESPN radio in Baton Rouge. Clark mostly talked about the pro day process and the success of the LSU program, but he did manage to slip in a shot at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who passed down the harsh discipline to the New Orleans Saints on Wednesday as a result of the Bountygate investigation.

Clark was asked about the important aspects of the pro day as it relates to the kinds of things that he looks for. Late in his answer, and totally unprovoked, Clark added, “You don\’t play football in shorts. They\’re trying to make us play in shorts, we may be moving that way soon, but right now the commissioner has not been successful at putting flags on us yet.”

Clark also evidently also talked to several other reporters while on the LSU campus and talked a little more about the punishment handed down on Wednesday.  James Varney, beat writer for the Saints, reported via Twitter that Clark said unequivocally that the NFL punishment of the Saints was too harsh. Varney added that Clark said the Baltimore Ravens players had bounties, and was specifically quoted as saying, “So it goes on, I guess just never to this extent.”

Larry Holder, from CBS Sports, reported that Clark said in response to a bounty question, that he also understands the big penalties the Saints received because it involves those who police the team. He also quoted Clark as saying specifically in regards to bounties on players, “We don\’t need it. We get in enough trouble anyway.”

Any of this a big deal? Absolutely not as Clark has continued to stand his firm ground as far as bounties go and his dislike for Goodell. Perhaps The Times-Picayune will have more quotes from Clark later Thursday or on Friday. Clark can\’t help himself as he is one of the most outspoken players not only on the Steelers, but the entire league. He says the things that many other players likely think and his quotes make for damn good discussion. Just ask Skip Bayless about that.

Sop what was the most controversial thing, if you would call it that, said by Clark on Thursday? When talking about how he listens to 104.5 while in town, Clark said, “I\’ve heard all of the Drew Brees talk, and Brees should get paid more than Peyton Manning. That\’s just my personal opinion, but I\’m just a free safety.” What else would you expect Clark to say though, being as he was down in Saints territory? As it stands right now, I agree with him. Do you?

You can listen to the audio below:

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