Jarret Johnson Would Have Had To Throw Up On His Jersey Had Steelers Signed Him

Former Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Jarret Johnson signed with San Diego Chargers on Wednesday and called into WBAL radio on Thursday to discuss his departure from Baltimore. Late in the interview Johnson was asked if his leaving the Ravens was any less painful because he did not not end up signing with Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets or Indianapolis Colts and Johnson replied by saying “I told everybody if I went to Pittsburgh, I would\’ve had to throw up on my jersey every time we played.”

Johnson was asked early in the interview if he was made a fair offer to keep him in Baltimore and he danced around the question before saying that they made it clear to him that his time was up in Baltimore. Johnson also is not done facing the Steelers just because he is moving on to San Diego as the Chargers will have to travel to Pittsburgh in 2012 to play the Steelers this season. He will also get to play his former team as well.

You will most certainly hear these comments made by Johnson again leading up to the game against the Chargers and Johnson should rest easy in knowing the Steelers likely had no interest in signing him anyway.

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