What Is The Job Of A Quality Control Coach?

It was announced earlier on Wednesday that the Pittsburgh Steelers had hired Shaun Sarrett as their new offensive quality control coach to replace Harold Goodwin, who left to become the new offensive line coach for the Indianapolis Colts several weeks ago. Since that news was announced I have received quite a few questions as to what the job is of the offensive quality control coach.

Jeff Legwold from The Denver Post did a great job answering this question over a year ago. Basically a quality control coach is an assistant to the position coaches. For the Steelers that would mean he would answer to Sean Kugler, Randy Fichtner, Scottie Montgomery, James Daniel and hopefully Kirby Wilson, when he is ready to return to work.

As Legwold wrote, offensive quality control coaches do have some on-field duties during practices and often they work with one or more position coaches to gain the needed experience to help him prepare to become position coaches themselves. The root of their job though, as Legwold clarifies, is based in the overall game preparation department. They usually work a few weeks ahead in the regular season preparing statistical analysis and doing the initial video analysis of the teams upcoming opponents. That would mean that they are in charge of charting past games of their future opponents and noting situations and personnel used.

Sounds like a great job.

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