Steelers Six From Around The Web – January 23rd – Jerome Bettis Calls Tails Again Edition

Former Steelers great Jerome Bettis showed up in the latest Papa John pizza commercial on Sunday that was a promo for the Super Bowl XLVI Coin Toss Experience. Peyton Manning also has a cameo as the referee that pokes fun of the Thanksgiving coin toss debacle against the Detroit Lions back on on November 26, 1998.

The Benstonium crew already has a Ace Ventura spoof out of the missed kick by Billy Cundiff in the AFC Championship game. This time it is “Laces out, Sam”, instead of “Laces out, Dan.” This of course would make Cundiff, Ray Finkle and Sam Koch, Dan Marino. Too funny.

Speaking of the missed kick of Cundiff, several Ravens fans were captured on camera freaking out after the missed kick. This of course brings Steeler Nation great joy to watch.

Steelers linebacker James Harrison was named to the 2012 Pro Bowl AFC roster last night and will replace injured Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs.

Sugg and Skip Bayless went at each other this morning on ESPN First Take to talk about the Ravens loss on Sunday. The discussion got heated and Suggs called Bayless a douchebag.

I am not sure I am buying all of this talk about about Art Rooney II wanting to shift the Steelers offense back to a run first, blue collar offense. Whoever the new offensive coordinator is should shed some light on it though.

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