Did Troy Polamalu Pull Out Of Pro Bowl So Ryan Clark Could Go?

A very interesting tweet from Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark just a while ago, and reading between the lines it infers that his teammate and best friend, Troy Polamalu, pulled out of the 2012 Pro Bowl so Clark would be able to go for his first time. Clark was named as a second alternate behind Denver Broncos safety Brian Dawkins, who ended the season with a neck injury. It was looking like Dawkins might not be able to play. Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed pulled out of the game and when both he and Polamalu did, it opened up a spot for Clark on the AFC roster. It was reported that Polamalu backed out due to injury.

Polamalu is a 7-time Pro Bowler in his 9 years in the league while Clark has not made it in his 10 years in the league. Clark led the Steelers in tackles this past season with 100. Both Clark and Polamalu are known to be very close and Clark helped Polamalu out with his football camp in American Samoa this past offseason. What a great gesture on the part of Polamalu and it is good to see Clark get to finally play in his first Pro Bowl as a result. This is the type of thing Steelers players do for one another.

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