Antonio Brown Talks Pro Bowl, Arians, Fichtner & Offensive Direction

Fresh off of his first Pro Bowl appearance, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown called into 93.7 The Fan this morning from Hawaii to answer a few questions about his experience playing in the annual NFL All-Star game. Brown talked about playing defense and getting mentored by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Brown then answered questions about what the loss of offensive coordinator Bruce Arians means and how he thinks it would be great if quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner were to get promoted. Brown goes on to say that the offense does not need much tweaking and that not much needs to be said to team president Art Rooney II. You can listen to the complete interview here and I have transcribed a few of the key questions and answers in the interview below.

Re: What does it mean to you to lose Coach Arians?

Brown: I mean its going to be a change in the organization, but we have to take it as motivation to be better. You know whoever is coming in we have to take that playbook, chew it up and that\’s what OTA is going to be for. Introduce us to something new and get us on point to where were going, to start to work for a better 2012 season.

Re: What would you think if Randy Fichtner were promoted?

Brown: That would be a great move. I mean that would be really helpful to our team because we\’re kind of used to Randy. Randy coached up under B.A., so he might use some of the same schemes, use the same terms that we may be used to and he is a great fit. Everyone loves him and everyone would play their heart out for him. So that would be a great move as well.

Re: Do you think the offense needs much tweaking?

Brown: I feel like we just have to get better in certain areas. I don\’t think some of it we have to change, I mean as an offense we were ranked 12th in the league this year and that\’s not bad at all. But we can definitely get better from that, I just think we got to do some things better. I don\’t think we need to change what we\’re doing, we just got to do things better and you know its going to start in April when we get back to OTA\’s.

Re: What would you express to Art Rooney II that you would like to do on offense.

Brown: As long as we\’re winning. Everyone can say what we want and what we need to do, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is us winning I feel like most of the guys on the team, as long as we use everyone in the right way to make plays and we win games, not much needs to be said.

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