Steelers Six From Around The Web – December 10th – Harrison Hit Talk Edition

Jamie Dukes tries to somewhat defend the hit by linebacker James Harrison on Colt McCoy Thursday night, but does not do a very good job in my opinion. Dukes really has become gun shy lately giving his opinion and you can really tell in this piece.

The league has explained to Mike Florio why the hit on McCoy by Harrison will likely earn him a pretty good fine and possibly even a suspension.

Here is the sit down that Michael Irvin had with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger prior to the Thursday game to discuss his injuries through the years and how he wants to go down in franchise history.

Pro Football Focus has their re-focused post up on the Steelers Browns games and there are no surprises that stick out to me.

Remember the 1978 Steelers? If you don\’t, you can catch back up with the video below that surfaced on Youtube.

I put together the Roethlisberger motivational poster below for you to share if you so desire.

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