Steelers Singing Christmas Carols Today After Practice

The calender has flipped over to the December now and you know what that means? Unleash hell in December? Nope!!! It means we get to look forward to the 2011 Steelers team singing Christmas carols. Safety Ryan Clark gave all of us the heads up on Twitter today that they would be singing following practice today. There were quite a few funny moments last year in the videos and I suspect even more are ahead for this year. Remember the gangster linebacker look with James Harrison out front? What about the Rashard Mendenhall robot dance or the trick they played on Maurkice Pouncey? Perhaps the best was the Ike Taylor look in the picture below. The Steelers official Twitter account has just teased us with a photo from the session today as you can see below. In case you missed the video of the 2010 Steelers Christmas carols, just click follow the link. Be on the look-out for the new video soon on

Steelers Players Singing Christmas Carols

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