NFL Releases New Video To Teams Of Legal & Illegal Hits Narrated By Information Minister

Oh joy, the NFL has released a new video that shows new examples of legal and illegal hits on defenseless players. The seven-minute video, narrated by NFL Vice President of Officiating Carl Johnson, views more like something that the Iraqi Information Minister put out years ago.

In the video, Johnson tries to show how players on defense are to lower their target when hitting a receiver. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark is featured as a player delivering an illegal hit on Baltimore Ravens tight end Ed Dickson several few weeks ago. On the flip side, Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace is shown receiving a legal hit from Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones just a few weeks ago.

The video is quite comical to watch, especially when they show the legal hit on Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who just happens to be listed at 6 foot 5 inches. How the hell do you hit a guy like that high? Unless he lowers his head, any hit a player put on him would be legal, unless that player is the human missile Brandon Meriweather of the Chicago Bears.

I am all for player safety, but some of these hits are the very reason why we watch NFL football. Some of these type of hits just can\’t be avoided unless you do not hit the player at all. It is kind of funny how this video is also being released to the teams following the hit by Steelers linebacker James Harrison on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. I take it back, there is nothing funny about that all.

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