Jim Harbaugh Says Seahawks Defense Is Better Than The Steelers

If you did not have enough reasons to hate the Harbaugh brothers, let me add one more for good measure. San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh was on the Murph and Mac radio show today on KNBR 680 and Harbaugh was talking about the 49ers upcoming game against the Seattle Seahawks. While talking about the Seahawks, Harbaugh said, “I believe their defense, watching them on tape, is better than the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. So it\’s a great challenge for our team this week.”

While the Seahawks defense has really come on in the last third of this season, the Steelers defense has maintained their level of play all season. They have also done it without several key players like linebackers LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison at different intervals. Not an excuse, just a fact.

Whether or not they are better is irrelevant here though, what is obvious is that Harbaugh has no tact or respect for his coaching brethren. While Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin might go overboard in his weekly press conference in his praising of the Steelers next opponent, he never slaps or pushes them in the back after he beats them. He takes great care not to disrespect the opponent win or lose.

Perhaps Jim still has a bad taste in his mouth from the loss to the Steelers in 1995 AFC Championship game. Perhaps he just shares the hate of the Steelers by proxy from his brother John Harbaugh, the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. You did know they were brothers, right? Thanks to the Harbaugh Bowl on Thanksgiving, I am sure even people in third world countries even know this now.

The Steelers may have lost round one to Jim, but we shall see how far each team makes it in the playoffs. Hopefully they get one more shot this year at his brother John and deny him another Gatorade bath. I wonder if the brothers took Gatorade baths together as children. Stay classy Jim.

You can listen to the quote of Harbaugh today in the audio below and it starts at the 9:10 mark.

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