Ravens Beat Bengals, Take Over First Place In AFC North

The Steelers were hoping to get a little help today during their bye week from the Cincinnati Bengals in their game against the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon, but that would not be the case as as the Ravens sacked Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton on 4th and goal from the Ravens 17 yard-line with 28 seconds left in the game to seal a 31-24 win at home.

The Steelers started the day with a half game lead in the AFC North and the win by the Ravens means they are now tied with the Steelers at 7-3, but own the tie breaker because of their season sweep over the Steelers. The Bengals loss drops them to 6-4 on the season and a game behind both the Steelers and the Ravens. Both own tiebreakers over the Bengals due to wins over them.

The 2nd down play before final sack saw Dalton brought down by what appeared to be a horse-collar tackle, but RULE A.R. 12.91 (a) states that there is no foal for a horse-collar tackle when a quarterback is in the pocket.

Below is the rule as it relates to this play:

Second-and-10 on B40. As quarterback A1 starts to scramble, B1 pulls A1 down from behind by
grabbing the inside collar of the back of the shoulder pads or jersey, or inside the collar of the side of the
shoulder pads or jersey, and immediately pulls A1 to the ground. a) A1 is still in the pocket; or b) A1 is
outside the pocket, when this occurs. A1 is tacked at the B45.
Rulings: a) A’s ball, third-and-15 on B45. No foul, as the quarterback (or runner) was still in the pocket
(or tackle box).
b) A’s ball, first-and-10 on B30. Behind/Behind. (12-2-1-d)

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