Breaking Down The Woodley Hood Sack Against The Titans

Perhaps the most impressive sack this past Sunday was the 3rd down and 8 sack in the 2nd quarter that LaMarr Woodley and Ziggy Hood split. So much went on in that play that it is great to see via the coaches tape view from behind the play. You can watch the replay here. Below are screen caps from the play.

Steelers Woodley Hood Sack Titans

Presnap look with Lawrence Timmons over on the left side outside of LaMarr Woodley in a standup 9 technique position. Brett Keisel is also standing up 9 technique. Both way outside the tackles. Woodley standing 5 technique outside shoulder of right tackle David Stewart. Troy Polamalu and James Farrior both crowding line of scrimmage showing blitz. Ziggy Hood lined up down in 0 technique over the top of the center Eugene Amano.

Steelers Woodley Hood Sack Titans 2

Instant the ball is snapped and Polamalu has creeped even close over the top of the right guard Jake Scott.

Woodley Hood Sack 3

Just that quick and Polamalu drops out into coverage. Timmons job is to rush up field to force the right tackle wide and give Woodley room to work one-on-one with the right guard through the B-gap which opens the A-gap for Hood to work on. Keisel has the job of staying in the passing lane and mirroring Matt Hasselbeck. Farrior is mirroring Chris Johnson in case it is a draw. Johnson steps up in case Farrior blitzes and he will release.

Woodley Hood sack 4

Great shot here as Farrior forces the left guard Leroy Harris to pick him up instead helping on Hood. Hood made a great move to slip inside. Woodley is using his arms well. Timmons has the right tackle occupied way outside. Keisel is right in the passing lane as Hasselbeck is about to throw. Look at the tight coverage down field by Ike Taylor.

Woodley Hood Steelers Sack 5

Key frame here as you see how Keisel uses those long arms to jump in the passing lane forcing Hasselbeck to pull the ball down. This is a very underrated specialty of Keisel and he forced an interception this way in the game as well. Woodley and Hood have won their battles. Woodley has Scott off of his feet.

Woodley Hoos Sack Steelers 6

Cue the Jaws theme.

Woodley and Hood split the sack.

Woodley and Hood split the sack.

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