Report: Max Starks Released, Willie Colon Could Be Re-Signed

Reports started building tonight that Steelers left tackle Max Starks would be released. Several of the major sites are now reporting that he has indeed been informed and will officially be released on Friday. Starks signed a 4-year, $26.3 million contract two years ago and is rumored to have shown up very heavy when he reported to the Steelers facility this week. Starks spent the second half of the 2010 season on injured reserve with a neck injury that required surgery, but he announced in a recent interview that he had been cleared by the doctors and deemed himself healthy and ready for the season.

With the release of Starks, it would make sense now that the Steelers could try to re-sign unrestricted free agent right tackle Willie Colon. Colon reportedly had several teams interested in him today, but has not signed yet by all accounts. Perhaps Colon found out what his market value is and decided instead to take an offer from the Steelers. Colon has said all offseason that his wish was to return to Pittsburgh and perhaps he indeed will. The question is will it only cost Starks some money or his spot on the roster altogether.

I should note that this is just speculation on my part right now and the Steelers have yet to confirm any of the published reports of Starks getting released. It should become a little more clear through the night.

ETA: Sources told me that he has indeed been informed of his release and it will officially be announced on Friday. Seems that it could indeed be a weight issue and it seems more likely now that Colon will be re-signed. There will be no restructure as Starks would not have needed to be released for that to take place.

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