Police Report Says Hines Ward Failed Field Sobriety Tests

According to the DeKalb County Police reports filed on the arrest of Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward for DUI, Ward failed a series of sobriety tests administered by Officer Robert Catalano according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Ward reportedly swayed back and forth and was getting agitated while the officer conducted the evaluation. Ward consented to a portable breath test at the scene that showed the presence of alcohol but refused a state-administered breathalyzer according to report. The portable breath test recorded a blood-alcohol content of .128 percent, the report states. The legal limit at which a person is declared too impaired to drive in Georgia is .08.

As the report states, “Mr. Ward could not keep his balance and started before instructed several times before told to during the instructional stage,” the officer wrote. “He missed heel to toe, stepped off line and conducted an improper turn.” He also “mixed up and omitted” letters while reciting the alphabet, according to the report.

According to NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, a first-offense DUI without aggravating circumstances results in a fine of half of a regular-season game check up to a maximum of $50,000 and the incident will be reviewed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell when the players return from the current lockout.

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