Steelers 2011 Free Agents Player Analysis: Greg Warren

Long Snapper Greg Warren – Steelers 2011 Free Agent

Free Agent Classification: UFA (unrestricted free agent)

2010 Salary Estimation: $700,000 Base – $832,000 Cap Charge

Analysis: Picking up steam now with our breakdown player by player of each of the Steelers 18 free agents and up next up for analysis is long snapper Greg Warren. In 2010 you did not hear the name of Greg Warren mentioned that much and that is a good thing as a great majority of his snaps on field goals, extra points and punts were right on the money. Warren only had 1 tackle in 2010 on special teams and 1 assist. The Steelers brought in competition late in the 2010 training camp in the form of Matt Stewart, but Warren was able to hold onto his job once again.

There were concerns about Warren\’s health enetring camp, and new special teams coach Al Everest said he had to alter Warren\’s stance and footwork, which had gotten out of whack after the surgeries to both of Warren\’s knees over the last two seasons. Warren managed to stay healthy in 2010 after missing time the two previous years and has been the Steelers long snapper since winning the job out of training camp in 2005 as an undrafted free agent.

Future: One would figure that the Steelers would want Warren back again in 2011, but Warren could very well get a better or longer deal in free agency as well. If he is signed back by the Steelers when free agency starts, he is almost certain to have competition from a younger and cheaper alternative in training camp. If a young undrafted tight end, that can long snap, emerges after the draft, it may turn the Steelers head because of his versatility, but that is yet to be seen and mere speculation. Based on his years accrued and experience, Warren will likely command a salary of around a million a season including signing bonus. The Steelers will now wait until free agency gets going before addressing the rest of their unrestricted free agents they want back and Warren will be way down the priority list. It would not surprise me either way if Warren was brought back on a one or two year deal or if he signed with another team. I say 50/50 with him right now of him being back, but could think of worse ways to spend a million dollars on a roster spot. Warren has been reliable when on the field and one less important position to worry about.

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