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Chris Kemoeatu Press Conference Transcript Wednesday Super Bowl XLV

Chris Kemoeatu Press Conference Transcript Wednesday February 2nd Super Bowl XLV



(on going through Super Bowl distractions) “This is my third Super Bowl. It’s a blessing to be here. We’re enjoying it. As far as our approach to everything, it’s just another game for us. There’s some more excitement, VIPs, family. But we feed off Coach (Tomlin) and he reminds us every day that we’ve got to stay humble in our approach, and not to lose track of our priorities and why we’re here. At the same time as we’re here at the Super Bowl, we have family and friends down here, and you want to get that full experience of being at the Super Bowl, without losing track of why you’re here. We’re here to win.”

(on how cool Coach Mike Tomlin is) “Oh, so much swagger. So much swagger. He’s always like that. He never gets ruffled. And if he did, he’d never show it.”

(on how the Steelers handle family and friends before they’ve made the Super Bowl) “That was another thing Coach T. (Tomlin) did a good job with. We took care of all of that (tickets for family, etc.) last week, the staff helped a lot so we wouldn’t have any distractions going into this week. I know who’s coming, who’s here, and I’m just living the experience with my guys.”

(on the work they did in Pittsburgh before travelling to Dallas) “We’ve basically installed everything, and now we’ve got to basically just do a good job as far as execution, reviewing stuff from last week. We’ve been looking at a lot of personnel as far as their defense, they’ve got a good front, linebackers are dynamic. We have to do a good job, as far as execution.”

(on how many people he has coming in for the game) “I’m trying to bring people in this time who didn’t come to our last two Super Bowls, so I’ve got about 15 people total coming in for the game – business associates, corporate people, a lot of those people who’ve been helping me along the way.”

(on wearing the Flozell Adams Michigan State 76 jersey on the plane) “We have a lot of respect for Flozell and it’s been great bringing him back here where he was for so many years to play in a Super Bowl. It’s very tough to go to another team, you don’t know the guys, you don’t know coaches, how it’s gonna be. But we’ve embraced him as a brother and he’s a big part of the team. We’re happy for him, and we’re rooting for him, and we’re gonna have fun with him.”

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