2010 Playoffs

Art Rooney II Super Bowl XLV Post Game Press Conference

(on his message to players after the game) “Just said ‘thanks’. You know, they worked hard, we appreciated the effort they put in all year. They got us close to winning a seventh championship and that’s pretty impressive.”

(on how he feels about the organization’s ability to recover from the loss) “I feel good about our organization. We lost to a good team and a great franchise. My hats off to those guys for what they accomplished this year. We just fell a little bit short.”

(on how he feels about the team heading into the uncertain labor period) “I feel good about our team. We’ll go into next year feeling like we’ll take another shot at it. It takes a few days to recover from this game, so we’ll lick our wounds for a couple of days and then get back to work next year.”

(on how the Green Bay secondary shut down Steeler receivers) “That’s a great secondary. We had our chances but we couldn’t make plays when we needed to make them.”

(on keeping the team and the franchise on an even keel) “I think we still have a core group of players that we can build around and hopefully make another run at it. I don’t think we’ll be sitting there saying we’re gonna make a lot of changes. We’ll prepare for the draft and add some players here and there, and be ready to go.”

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