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Antonio Brown Press Conference Transcript Thursday Super Bowl XLV

Antonio Brown Press Conference Transcript Thursday February 3rd Super Bowl XLV



(On when he felt the light went on for him with the offense) “I think I progressed and got better as I spent time learning. As time went by, I started to take things serious and really understand my role and the position that I’d needed to be in, in order to help the team. Week in and week out, I just continued to work hard and get better and as time went, coach realized and could see the growth and the work ethic and was starting presenting me with opportunities.”

(On how often they use four and five-man wide receiver sets) “We’ve been doing a whole lot of four-wide lately, getting me in and getting me in the mix and fortunately it’s paying off.”

(On whether it bothers him much that people say they don’t have four wide receivers like the Packers) “No, it doesn’t really bother me. We just want to stay focused on what we can control and the scheme of things and the game plan, stick to that. We can’t worry about what critics and everybody is cracking up and saying. We just have to focus on our job and do our assignments. ”

(On whether he remembers when offensive coordinator Bruce Arians put him and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders on the same side that Arians had complete confidence in them) “I know exactly which plays he’s talking about. Me and Emmanuel were stacked on the left side. We executed the hot [route] really well. We continue to study and be on keel on our assignments and continue to build with the game plan.”

(On being in the Super Bowl in his rookie season) “It’s a privilege and an honor. I’m just thankful to be in this position. Coming from where I came from to be at the highest level of the game, competing for the highest trophy it’s just a privilege and an honor.”

(On the rookies this season and whether he’s proud of the contributions they made) “Definitely, you can see me continue to come on and continue to get better. The sky’s the limit. We’ve just had to stay positive and stay focused. Continue to work, continue to build and just continue to put in on film.”

(On him saying at the start of the season the competition between Sanders and him was a good thing) “It was. Iron sharpens iron. We just continue to get push each other and continue to get better and look forward to the future and take it to another level.”

(On how his relationship with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was developing) “Definitely, I think as the season progressed, I continued to gain his trust and you could tell in the game, he continued to find me. He puts everything on the line and he just shows you the faith he has in me and the trust we continue to build on and his receivers.”

(On one of the biggest first down plays of the season against the Jets he found him) “Definitely. He buys time with his legs. He’s a great quarterback and he does a great job of improvising and putting the receiver in a great position.”

(On a special teams play going a long way towards determining the game) “Definitely, it sets the tempo. It can set a momentum swing in the game and that’s going to be key for us on special teams to deliver plays and put our team in a great position where we can get points on the board.”

(On making plays the final two minutes) “Those are great moments, key moments and are clutch plays that seal victories and put the team in great position to finish ballgames. Those are the types of things you want to be ready for and take your mind through and be prepared for every phase of the game and every chance that it presents you.”

(On quarterback Ben Roethlisberger having a choice on a deep ball against Baltimore) “Definitely, there were two vertical seam routes and Manny did a great job of holding the safety and putting it right over my outside shoulder. It was a team effort. The o-line blocked and did a great job of looking up. We’ve got Mike Wallace over the side who’s really fast who demanded Ed Reed’s attention over the top. We have Hines Ward in the slot. It’s not only me. It’s a bunch of great key guys around me who make my job easier.”

(On how much confidence he has week after week after delivering in key situations) “Well I continue to build and work at it and get better and believe in my craft. As you can see, as time goes on I continue to get better. It’s definitely motivating and it’s definitely a great thing.”

(On what went through his mind when he knew number could be called on third down against the Jets) “We are six yards from the Super Bowl. That’s what it was. We might not have gotten it and made a field goal maybe and they come back and now its overtime. I just wanted our team to finish on that drive. In the huddle, we’re six yards away from the Super Bowl. Mike Wallace said we are six yards away from it and we converted it and it was a great feeling.”

(On the young players bringing an excitement and a passion) “We’ve got great leadership and we just want to do what we do. This is just another game, another opportunity for us. We don’t play all the little things, the distraction things that go on in your mind. You want to keep your head on straight for your assignment and your goals.”

(On the Packers defensive backs) “Great DBs, I’m looking forward to a great battle, a great physical matchup and it doesn’t get any better. We are at the highest level with the greatest game and I’m looking forward to a key matchup in a great competition.”

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