Steelers Six From Around The Web – Tuesday December 28th – 4000 More Seats For Heinz Edition

Caesars Entertainment Corp. of Las Vegas is fighting back in a lawsuit filed by Andrea McNulty, the former Lake Tahoe casino host who claims she was sexually assaulted by Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The civil suit against Roethlisberger is on hold in Nevada awaiting a high court decision.

The Steelers said Monday they are considering adding as many as 4,000 seats in Heinz Field and construction could begin in 2012 if the team moves forward with the expansion project.

AFC North blogger James Walker reports that the Steelers run defense is on a historic pace for stuffing running backs.

David Todd and I recorded episode 16 of The Terrible Podcast on Monday and you can hear it here.

Bob Labriola and Tunch Ilkin break down some of the key plays from the Steelers 27-3 win over the Panthers in the latest edition of Chalk Talk.

A great Renegade lip sync video has surfaced and Dan Gigler has the back story of Chartiers Valley High School Class of 2011 and the video project.

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