Steelers Fan Shows Off Memory On 60 Minutes

Beaver Falls native Bob Petrella was featured tonight in a “60 Minutes” segment on people with “Superior Autobiographical Memory.” Petrella and four others in the two-part segment, including actress Marilu Henner, have the ability to remember details from virtually every day of their lives. Petrella shows off his extraordinary Steelers memory as Lesley Stahl quizzes him on some random Steelers games and trivia and you can watch Petrella at about the 6:34 mark in the video replay of the segment below. Amazing stuff and the guy is money with Steelers trivia and dates.

Endless Memory, Part 1
Endless Memory, Part 2
Extra: Marilu Henner & “Time Traveling”
Extra: Memory Quiz Time
University of California Irvine
Documentary: “Unforgettable”

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