Breaking Down The Week 9 Sacks Allowed Against Cincinnati Bengals

The Steelers allowed only 1 sack Monday night against the Cincinnati Bengals, but it certainly felt like there were more. Ben Roethlisberger did an excellent job side stepping and avoiding pressure through out the night. We have the breakdown of the lone sack below in animated gif form. If you click on the image you can see the full size replay on

On the lone sack it once again is on 3rd and long with tight end Heath Miller on the right and running back Isaac Redman lined up as a left sidecar. The Bengals bring defensive backs Morgan Trent and Chinedum Ndukwe off the edges. Miller misses his chip on Trent to slow him down and Redman is forced to choose between a free running Trent or Ndukwe. He chose right as Ndukwe had taken a bad angle and Roethlisberger easily side stepped him. The line then breaks down as Flozell Adams tries to help Trai Essex with Robert Geathers and instead pushes him off engagement with Essex and Geathers and Ndukwe finally hawk down Big Ben.

Sack #1 versus Bengals

Sack #1 versus Bengals

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