Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Tennessee Titans Post Game Press Conference Week 2 2010

Audio from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin post game press conference following the 2010 week 2 19-11 win against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday September 19th, 2010. Transcript to follow on Monday!


Mike Tomlin: Big win for us. You come in a hostile environment versus good people, it’s going to require a lot. We were far from perfect today, but the guys really hung together and really gave an outstanding effort and we made enough plays in enough areas to get out of her quite frankly. I like what the team is doing in terms of working together, in terms of fighting the adversity, in terms of uplifting one another, but we still got some improving to do. We are still beating ourselves a little bit. It’s good to learn those lessons and work to improve when you’re 2-0 which is what we are. We have got a big preparation week ahead of us. We’re going down to another hostile environment. Such is life in the National Football League. We embrace these challenges. That’s what they are challenges. So we’re excited. It’s an excited locker room in there and they deserve to be and with that we will push forward.

Question: (on the defense holding down Chris Johnson and creating seven turnovers)

Mike Tomlin: I am happy to get out of the stadium with a win. That kind of effort was going to be required today and we knew it. We don’t run away from it, we openly talk about it and they deliver.

Question: (on any concern about Steelers’ lack of offence)

Mike Tomlin: It does but we won so it was enough.

Question: (on Dennis Dixon’s injury)

Mike Tomlin: We are going to, of course, run further tests. I don’t know who is going to play quarterback next week. I know it won’t be me. I’m not good enough.

Question: (on the opening kickoff)

Mike Tomlin: We were trying to create splash plays. We have been in here before and they are tough to move the ball on. They are tough to run on, they create great pressure because you have got to use silent counts and so forth when you get behind the chains. We were just trying to change field position or give ourselves field position. We had several things dialed up and ready to go that we felt like could help us change field position. That’s how we chose to start the game. It was important that we protected the exchange point and blocked their two and three over there on that side. We felt like if we did that we had a chance for it to be something. Those guys did a nice job over there giving them an opportunity to exchange that ball and the rest is history.

Question: (on Trai Essex injury)

Mike Tomlin: It’s an ankle injury, probably minor.

Question: (on the area Dixon injured)

Mike Tomlin: It’s a knee injury of some kind. We will see where it is. He potentially could have come back in handed the ball off to finish the game and so forth if that provides you any type of information.

Question: (on being conservation with Charlie Batch being the last healthy quarterback)

Mike Tomlin: Tennessee Titans defense had a lot to do with that.

Question: (on the heat being a factor in the game)

Mike Tomlin: It was a factor but it was a factor for both teams so we don’t worry about that. It was hot on their sideline too. It’s going to be hot on both sidelines next week in Tampa.

Question: (on the displeasure of the Steelers offense)

Mike Tomlin: No. I want wins.

Question: (on the ability to turnover Vince Young)

Mike Tomlin: We felt like we could potentially get pressure on him but it started first with trying to neutralize his back. As you can see he is capable of making you look bad in the blink of an eye. We were fortunate there with the holding penalty. It started there. There were several things that we thought we might have a chance to be successful at executing but it was going to be a mute point unless we contained that runner.

Question: (on doing anything special against Chris Johnson)

Mike Tomlin: No we had to come off blocks. One on one he is going to win most of those battles, we had to get multiple hats to the ball. We had to come off blocks. It made it, of course difficult, because most of the conditions and that’s why I take my hat off to the guys because that’s what we got. We got guys running to the football.

Question: (on what that as of a physical of a football game as you have seen)

Mike Tomlin: Probably until next week . That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Question: (on the emotions of going 2-0 in tough wins)

Mike Tomlin: Regardless of our demise being reported, we expect to win. We’re pleased that we are 2-0 but we are not astounded by it. We’re capable. We’re a little bit annoyed to be quite honest about our premature reporting of our death.

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