Steelers Beat Buccaneers 38-13 – Game Recap & Notes

The Steelers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38-13 in the 3rd game of the 2010 season. Below are my recap notes and nuggets I kept on the game along with my observations. I have much more coming on this game and am working through the night. These are initial reactions of mine as I am about to watch the game a second time and begin working up tape selections. Below are the notes I compiled throughout the game. remember these are initial reactions one time through the game.

What can you say about Charlie Batch? As I showed you last week, he played a good game. This week the receivers caught the ball. The 24 yard run was a ball breaker.

The 6 play, 67 yard drive following the Bucs 2nd field goal was big. It gave the defense a little resting time and answered a 3 with a 7.

Not much Tampa 2 for the Buccaneers today, but the Steelers focused on rookie Cody Grimm like I said they would. Mike Wallace made some tough catches.

Rashard Mendenhall seems to be hitting the hole much quicker. He looks really in tune with what is going on offensively.

Hate him all you want, but Bruce Arians called another good game. Arians has his moments as do most offensive coordinators. It is not uncommon for them to out think themselves.

Daniel Sepulveda only had to punt once today and nailed one for 62 yards.

That drop by Ike Taylor on the interception you should be use to. He makes up for it in other areas. Could of been costly, but it wasn\’t.

Antwaan Randle El had only one catch today, but it was on a big 3rd down and moved the chains. I think it is time to turn the punt return duties over to Antonio Brown now. I like El\’s sure hands, but Brown gives you more play making chances.

Brett Keisel is not old, he is just older. He played a hell of a game and made a key tackle on a scramble by Josh Freeman.

Hats off to Mike Tomlin and the coaching staff for getting a heavy rotation of players used on both side of the ball. All 7 active offensive linemen played and Ramon Foster saw his first work of the season. Doug Legursky held his own at right guard. The defense saw rookies Jason Worilds and Stevenson Sylvester get some valuable time at linebacker late in the game.

Special teams is really on details thus far. Hats off to Al Everest. Will Allen, Keyaron Fox and Arnaz Battle were all thumping heads today.

When Troy Polamalu is healthy, there is not a safety in the game close to his ability and understanding of the game. The catch on sideline when he was out of the game was classic.

Mike Tomlin really has the team playing like they have been disrespected and like someone spit on their mothers grave. It looks like the love playing for him and he was on the field praising them for great play. I like that.

Love the cover they improvised on the sideline. That right there is using your whole staff and doing what you have to do.

Trap game my ass. In an earlier rant of mine, there was no reason for Steeler Nation to fear this game.

On the flip side, good job Steeler Nation. It looked like Pittsburgh, Florida today.

William Gay is his best at the nickel corner spot. It is what he does best. Leave him there.

Nick Eason continues to make plays. Had a sack today. He benefited from the attention James Harrison was getting.

Do I really have to keep telling you about Lawerence Timmons? This guy is everywhere and the Steelers are not having to use the dime package with the extra defensive back because of the space he covers. He is like having a hybrid linebacker/strong safety on the field.

LaMarr Woodley had a few missed tackles, but that happens time to time. He almost had an interception that ended up being caight by tight end Kellen Winslow.

I know why Mewelde Moore is on the field, but I do not like it. Not as sure handed as he once was.

That pony backfield is very nice and you can do so much with it. Look for it all year.

Larry Foote played a great game today and you saw why he was brought back. He helps keep Farrior fresh in the middle of the year.

Mike Tomlin said backup nose tackle Chris Hoke suffered a MCL sprain and it sounds like he will miss some time. Big loss as he has played very well to start the season.

3-0 and headed home and waiting on Baltimore is a HUGE accomplishment. Hats off to the entire Steelers organization.

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