Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Denver Broncos Post Game Press Conference Preseason Week 3 2010

Audio from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin post game press conference following the 2010 preseason week 3 loss against the Denver Broncos on Sunday August 29th, 2010. Transcript to follow on Monday!


Mike Tomlin: “It’s a good thing it’s preseason football. We got of myriad of things to learn from this game. A lot of errors were upon us. We will have to go back and have a look at the tapes. That’s the story of preseason football. We’ll look at the tapes and make adjustments.”

Question: On QB Dennis Dixon

Mike Tomlin: “He didn’t play well and a lot of guys didn’t play well. I’ll go back and look at the tapes. There’s a lot of ownership to go around.”

Question: On all the penalties in tonight’s game

Mike Tomlin: “It’s not skilled football. That’s not going to be us, and that’s not the kind of football we will play. Guys who commit these penalties have to suffer the consequences. We have to suffer the consequences.”

Question: On QB Ben Roethlisberger

Mike Tomlin: “I thought he was sharp. We moved the ball. He did some nice things. I thought he did well playing on the road…(playing in a) hostile environment. We thought he did well.”

Question: On any change in Roethlisberger’s status

Mike Tomlin: “Not at this time. Not that I know of.”

Question: On CB Keenan Lewis’ performance

Mike Tomlin: “He stunk it up.”

Question: On Lewis slamming his helmet after the game

Mike Tomlin: “I didn’t see him do it.”

Question: On Denver second interception return for a touchdown

Mike Tomlin: “A lot of that is guys trying to make a splash. That’s what happens with young guys, but we’ll go back and look at it.”

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