Broncos Beat Steelers 34-17 – Game Notes

The Steelers lost to the Denver Broncos 34-17 in the 3rd preseason game of the 2010 season. Below are my notes and nuggets I kept on the game along with my observations. I have much more coming on this game and am working through the night. These are initial reactions of mine as I am about to watch the game a second time and begin working up tape selections. Below are the notes I compiled throughout the game. remember these are initial reactions one time through the game.

Ben Roethlisberger looked more ready to start a season than any other season I have ever seen. Too bad we have to wait at least 4 weeks.

Maurkice Pouncey had another good night making his first start. The game is not too big for him as a rookie. He had a few errors, but nothing horrible.

Rashard Mendenhall shows he can make something out of nothing on runs. He did not fumble and got positive yardage. He looks sound assignment wise.

Mike Wallace is great running up field. Nothing new there. Thought I saw a few lazy routes, but need to watch the tape again to focus in on him. No one better in open field though. He will have quite a few big gainers through the season.

Trai Essex remains Trai Essex. Not his best game for sure.

Not a game Dennis Dixon will save on the DVR. Bad decisions all night and looked uncomfortable at times. No problem with his legs, but looked like he was given a bigger play book tonight and was overwhelmed.

Flozell Adams looked noticeably better this week in pass blocking, but I reserve judgment until I go over the game again. He looked like he slid to his right much better and got off the ball better. Also should be noted that Denver was missing several regulars on defense.

Keenan Lewis is no threat to Bryant McFadden at left cornerback to start the season. He really got frustrated easy and off his game in a hurry. Needs to understand he will get beat sometimes and needs to put it behind him.

11 penalties for 93 yards. Need I explain?

Lawrence Timmons continues his great preseason. Really consistent player. Dumb penalty though.

Pony backfield seemed to work again with Isaac Redman in the lead back role.

Frank Summers is no fullback. I will be surprised if he sticks.

Did Aaron Smith, Brett Kiesel or Casey Hampton play tonight? Really quiet night up front.

William Gay had a nice interception. Probably his best game in a long while.

Ryan Mundy needed all the work he could get at free safety tonight. Was late reacting when relied on to give help over top of linebackers.

Say what you will about Matt Spaeth, but he has had a great camp and preseason. Always willing to block.

As expected, Jason Worilds looked faster in second game of work. Long way to go, but making progress.

More missed tackles by Troy Polamalu and Anthony Madison.

The best days of Justin Hartwig are way behind him.

Crezdon Butler read the interception all the way. Not sure he has done enough to make the 53 man roster though. I think he can be snuck to the practice squad.

Jonathan Dwyer needed that success tonight. Makes errors, but another one that can likely be shipped to the practice squad.

Daniel Sepulveda can kickoff for sure, but is he as consistent as Jeff Reed? Jury still out on if he has the job.

I am still waiting for Ziggy Hood to be an impact relief guy. He had such a great camp by all reports, but is not flashing in games.

Antonio Brown has done enough on returns to make Stefan Logan expendable.

Sunny Harris continues to disappoint me.

Denver\’s punt gunners out gunned us on special teams.

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