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Steelers Six From Around The Web – Friday November 13th

Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau says that cornerback Ike Taylor has been one of the most consistent tackling corners in the league. LeBeau goes on to say, the Steelers defensive backs are good tacklers because of the emphasis on all 11 players swarming to the ball.

The Steelers rush defense has gone 26 straight games without allowing a 100-yard rusher. The last to do it was Jacksonville’s Fred Taylor and the last AFC North running back to do it was the Bengals Rudi Johnson on 10/3/04.

Stefan Logan has been a solid returner for the Steelers regardless of what you read that he is taking up a vital roster spot. The Steelers rank 6th in the league in kickoff return average, up from 21st last year. The Steelers rank 23rd in punt return average, up from 30th last year.

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The conference call transcripts with Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis and wide receiver Chad Ochocinco Hernandez Johnson are up on

Want to see the people of Cincitucky first hand? An eighth grade student is serving an in-school suspension for cutting a Bengals football helmet design in his hair. This interview with mom, dad, kid and barber is priceless. There should be banjos playing in the background. Prime example why sisters and brothers should not mate.
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Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten gets an unexpected surprise right before take a player to school day. The kid has a sweet room decked out in black and gold. The kid jumps ship at the end of the video though. He should be called bandwagon boy. I would of told Witten to get his ass out of my yard before I call the cops.
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